About Alexis Del Río

Alexis loves to assist people in identifying their traits and talents that lead to their peak performance required to achieve their life purpose and goals – One client-at-time in a “sniper-like” coaching.

He helps companies to implement end-to-end IT and digital transformation programs to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and profit. Alexis has a Master of Science of Information Management from Aspen University, a postgraduate studies in Digital Business at Emeritus Institute of Management in collaboration with MIT Sloan Executive Education and Columbia Business School Executive Education and certified executive coaching from John Mattone University. 

He also worked for the United Nations (Department of Peacekeeping Operations, International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, Office of the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization), Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, First Data and DXC Technologies on projects across Asia, Australia, South Pacific, the Middle East, Guatemala and Europe.



DEL RIO Consulting was established to provide quality and affordable digital transformation end-to-end project management and human capital performance management services to SMEs (Small-Medium sized Enterprises). 

We help businesses to find the synergy between their digital transformation and workforce placement to maximize their drivers of efficiency, effectiveness and by product increase their bottom line. 


The World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs Report highlights the importance of businesses recognizing human capital investment (reskilling and upskilling) as an asset rather than a liability. Failing to see human capital as an investment they run the risk of missing genuine opportunities to leverage and enhance economic value creation. 

DEL RIO Consulting and one of its partners (Kern.Adler) are developing TRIPA to help your business and organization to efficiently identify the success predictors of their workforce in a particular role.



We specialize in helping businesses to structure their processes and identifying their workforce success predictors to leverage the overall company peak performance. We augment our work with the help of our cloud based human capital solution engine supported by powerful and sophisticated psychometric instruments, AI and ML technologies. 

Our cloud solution will help you to leverage the power of objective data about every single member of your workforce or potential hire. 

We do the heavy lifting so you and your HR department can focus in using our TRIPA solution insights to identify your best hire between a select number of candidates, develop a smart candidate pool, support your succession planning, segment you training style for an effective and efficient learning experience, keep your employees engaged, create performance review baseline and much more. 


Our experience spearheading and coordinating interdisciplinary project teams in digital transformation programs let us to conclude that many enterprises and businesses leaders continue confusing digitalization with business transformation. 

A business that cannot differentiate these two terms and does not include its human capital in its digital transformation strategy will not benefit from the industrial revolution 4.0. Businesses must develop an organization mindset shift that empowers their workforce’s talents and innovation so they can naturally integrate solutions to address customers’ challenges, needs and foresee new opportunities and value creation that otherwise would have not been possible.


Our team is the sum of more than 25 years’ experience working and leading information technology solutions and digital transformation projects at the global scale. 

Some of the companies and organizations we had the privilege of working with and for are: The United Nations, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology, First Data, BPOST, the Apache Software Foundation, Yahoo and many more.


Native Spanish

Excellent English


Central-East Europe






Digital Transformation

Business Strategy

Human Capital

Project Management



Business & Company


International Organization


SDG7. Decent Work & Economy Growth

SDG. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 


Alex Braun — 5 Dec 2019

Exclusive interview at The Global Leadership Awards

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